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Unicoat International

For over twenty years, Unicoat International has manufactured coatings for industrial use. We make anti-corrosive products for refineries, chemical plants, terminals, bridges, offshore rigs, ships and barges – anywhere steel and concrete are subject to attack. Tank linings, concrete containment and structural steel coatings, chime sealants, and pontoon repair foam are our areas of expertise.

At Unicoat, we believe very strongly that the three things are required to meet our customers needs. First and foremost, we must develop and modify coatings to keep up with new demands. With high use of existing facilities, single coat coverage, low temp cure, and “early return to service” are three such phrases we hear a lot lately. Our UI 5440, for instance, performs all of these tasks along with a broad spectrum of chemical resistance. Also, we must have the knowledge base – through testing and experience – to match the best coating to a customer’s particular needs. Finally, we believe that having the availability of both Technical Service Representatives, and our own heated plural component spray machines to assist in applying the products is essential. Improper conditions or equipment can undermine any application process.

Most recently, Unicoat has pioneered a better way to repair leaking pontoons on floating roof storage tanks. Our UI 7500 Flotation Foam applied to the interior of the pontoons will 1) stop the leaks and corrosion, 2) prevent emission of reportable fumes, and 3) virtually eliminate the chance of the roof sinking and causing damage to the tank bottom, costly repairs, environmental spills, and loss of revenue.